April 14, 2023

Sister Session | Lynchburg Virginia Spring Field Session Katy and Grace

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Last week it was my dear friend Katy’s birthday so we decided to celebrate with some sweet sister photos. I’m so glad Grace and Katy were up for waking up before the sun to start this creative shoot at 7am. After a long slow season and grueling months of school, this beautiful session in a wide open field was just what I needed to feel inspired again.

Although Katy is about three years older than Grace, they look just like twins in some of the photos! My little sister and I have a similar dynamic since Lily is my blue – eyed, blonde duplicate. I love imagining how Katy, Grace, and their family will have so much fun looking at these photos in the years/decades to come. For one sweet moment in time, these two got to be roommates in the same city. These are the types of memories that get better with time.

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