January 2, 2024

Posing Senior Guys | How to take portraits for a senior boy

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Photographing senior guys intimidated me for a long time. I struggled to create the same level of variety and creativity. But after a while I began to construct a new game plan and approach that helped me deliver galleries I was proud of. I’m excited to share the tools I’ve learned so that you can pull up to a session ready to create your best work! I firmly believe that with the right preparation and education, photographing senior gents is just as fun for both parties.


I like to categorize poses for guys by postures. Standing is a classic and comprises most of my gallery. This is always a great place to start when you get to a new location. Something I consider when photographing guys is that the goal is to highlight their broad shoulders and sharper features. For this reason I rarely pose them from an angle. A couple variations of this pose include crossed arms, hands in pockets, left over right, and walking.

These two poses above are super fun to throw in the mix!


I always recommend senior boys choose an urban location for their session because it opens the door for so many more sitting poses!

Try mixing it up with varying heights

The “groom” pose. Leaning forward on one forearm with the hand resting on the far thigh.


This might be my favorite category of poses! Leaning with a shoulder or back against a wall allows for creative depth of field and balance.


This pose is great when you need more photos in a location but don’t have the option of sitting.

Sitting against a wall

As someone who leans towards vertical shots, this pose helps me fill the gallery with great horizontal photos as well.

  1. sara says:

    I love this! So many creative poses for guys! (and beautiful, err, handsome, shots!) 😉

  2. Nelya says:

    I was saying “the groom’s pose” before I read the caption. I’ve always liked the outcome of that pose.

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