May 16, 2022

Olivia & Peter Surprise Proposal | Riverside Mountain overlook Lynchburg Virginia

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When Peter reached out about Savannah and I helping him propose to Olivia, it was time to brainstorm!

Since it was only a couple days after Sav’s birthday, and photoshoots are just a commonplace event in our house, we told Olivia we were having a b-day shoot! Peter would meet us at the Riverside overlook 20 mins into the shoot. Sure enough, everything went to plan and these two are now ENGAGED! It was an exciting, (and nerve racking) secret, but I think we totally caught Olivia by surprise.

Only minutes after we took our last photos by the overlook, it started to pour down rain. Our timing couldn’t have been better. Scroll to see the progression of this event and how PHOTOGENIC Olivia and Peter are!

Here I had Olivia crouch down with her back to where Peter was walking up.

And finally a photo I got with Lulu before the big moment.

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