August 25, 2022

Peter & Olivia Engagement Session | Downtown Lynchburg Virginia

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In May I helped Peter surprise Olivia at Riverside Park for their proposal. After basking in the exciting moment I captured a few photos of them before it began to sprinkle. Nehemiah and I had so much fun at their engagement session in Downtown Lynchburg a few months later. The funny thing is, it poured rain that day too. Hopefully this means the rain is behind them and their January wedding will be clear skies. For this wedding, I have the honor to be in Olivia and Peter’s bridal party!! For now, I’m thrilled to be included in taking their engagement photos. These two are absolute models so it was unbelievably easy and fun.

Nehemiah and I were carefully watching the weather app (as most photographers do) and saw clear skies in the forecast. This changed as we were driving Downtown and were hit with a surprise summer thunderstorm. When Olivia and Peter pulled up, they hopped in the backseat of our car and we went over out options as the sheets of rain fell. We knew of a few covered options around Downtown and I always keep clear umbrellas in my trunk. For the 30 mins of unpredictable weather, we were creative with what we had and made it work!

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